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Intel Core i9-13900K.

. 0 GHz Intel Core i9 13900KF with 24-cores against the 3. Intel's top-of-the-line CPU, the Core i9-13900K / KF, sports 24 cores and 32 threads with a maximum boost clock of 5.

0 GHz Intel Core i9 13900KF against the 3.

. Intel Core i9 13900F. The 13600K beats AMD’s flagship 7950X in gaming and almost matches the 7900X in multi-core performance.

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Intel Core i9-13900K.

Although Ryzen 7000 has weaker multi-core, weaker single-core, higher platform costs and higher unit prices AMD have a 3D joker up their sleeve (7800X3D est. 50 GHz (4.

. What is the difference between Intel Core i9-13900KF and Intel Core i9-12900KF? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the CPU ranking.

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AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D.

The Intel Core i9-13900KF has 24 CPU cores and can calculate 32 threads in parallel.


Comparing the score to the i9-13900K, the i7 is about 20% slower, which is not too much. AMD Ryzen 5 7600X. Gamers on a tight budget can save $40 USD with a 13600KF which is a 13600K without integrated graphics.

Intel Core. AMD Ryzen 5 7600X. The multi-threaded performance here goes to show how capable the i7 is. Effective speed is adjusted by current prices to yield a value for money rating. 13900KF: Based on our evaluation, the 13900KF CPU's support for DDR5 with a max stock speed of 5600 MHz can be excellent for performance overall.


Extreme workstation users may find value in the 13700K or 13900K. .

Intel Core i9 13900KF vs Intel Core i9 13900K.

Intel Core i9 13900KF vs Intel Core i9 13900K.

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